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Frequently Asked Questions
[Q] What is the main aim of AUCTIONeSTORES?
[A] We aim to provide a central portal containing all manner of Auction Stores and enabling visitors to quickly locate detailed store information.

[Q] Can I add my eBay Auction Store/Shop?
[A] YES. It's FREE to list and only takes minutes. In general terms advertising your store is always beneficial and more so if that advertising is FREE!

[Q] What is the difference between an Auction Store & Auction Shop?
[A] There isn't one. In the UK they are called eBay Auction Shops & in the US they are called Auction Stores.

[Q] How many sections can I list my store in?
[A] One. Multiple submissions are not accepted.

[Q] What is a Sponsored Listing?
[A] By creating a Sponsored Listing you can further promote your Auction Store. Sponsored listings are displayed in rotation in a very prominent position. This is an Optional Feature and is available in cost effective six month packages. Secure Credit/Debit card Payment via Paypal is required.

[Q] Why do people choose to sell using eBay Auction Stores?
[A] So that they can instantly maximize their presence online. By Opening an eBay Store you can easily reach the millions of buyers who shop on eBay each day!

[Q] Who provides the AUCTIONeSTORES service?
[A] AUCTIONeSTORES is part of the Auction Lotwatch group of sites. We have been providing the auction community with various Free Auction Tools for over five years.

[Q] Why should I list my auction store on your site?
[A] Whilst eBay provides a massive marketplace you should always try to drive additional traffic to your store. It is clear that you can substantially increase the number of sales you generate by increasing the number of people who see your products. Cost effective advertising is needed and you can't get more cost effective than Free Advertising!

[Q] Can I list any other website, auction service or auction site?
[A] No. This service is specifically designed for Auction Stores only. For additional advertising requirements please send us an email using the Contact Us form.

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